As a mogul Allen Maldonado also owns & operates several other businesses.

Everybody Digital™


Everybody Digital is the upcoming platform film makers and consumers have been talking about. The world’s first short film mobile app was released on Apple iOS in 2017, and will be the first platform to give short-form media creators, and consumers a proper introduction. Thousands of short films are created yearly around the world, many of which have successful runs within film festivals events. However once film festivals are over most films simply disappear, unable to find an audience. Everybody Digital is the ultimate library for licensed award-winning films from across the world, providing a home for short films.


 Vineyards Phinest™

Vineyards Phinest is all about expressing the energy we have within us to establish greatness. When you don’t believe in just being “good”, but strive to be the Phinest in everything you do. Inspired by the neighborhood Allen Maldonado grew up in, The Vineyards. This clothing represents the energy of confidence, strength, & honor; and has been featured in a wide range of film & television shows. Profits help to fund Demo Nerds™ Acting & Film program for kids.



Demo Nerds™


Demo Nerds Acting & Film for Kids is a non-profit after school & summer program created to help young adults and children build self-esteem and confidence through performing arts. The program gives kids the opportunity to express themselves physically, and emotionally, in creative form.

Acting exercises are used as the vital component in building self-esteem and confidence, giving kids the opportunity to express their emotions in a fun, and safe environment. As a part of the program kids work together to create a PSA or short film they will also star in. The program concludes with a red carpet premiere of their completed film, followed by an award ceremony.


 Only Son Productions™

Only Son Productions specializes in creating high quality film and television stories that entertain and inspire audiences worldwide. With successful film festival submissions like “One Decision Away” and “Who the F*ck is Uncle Joe?” Only Son Productions continues to develop its reputation for widely entertaining original content.



 Get It Done Records™


Get It Done Records is dedicated to developing outstanding artists and a superior brand of music, servicing a worldwide market with album sales and music placements in over 20 countries. GID has contributed music to major companies such as Warner Bros., Lions Gate, Dimension, NBC, FOX, ABC, ABC family, A&E, and several other major companies.


 Everybody Digital Film Festival

The Everybody Digital Film Festival is an extension of the Everybody Digital app created by actor, writer & director Allen Maldonado (“The Last O.G.”, “Black-ish”, “Survivor’s Remorse”). The app was created to help promote short form films and series and to give filmmakers another organized platform to showcase all of the hard work they put into writing, shooting and completing their short films.

The Everybody Digital Film Festival was created to further promote and celebrate filmmakers and to provide them with a big screen and a live event for friends, family and fellow filmmakers and film enthusiasts to enjoy and appreciate their work.



 Knees Out Coalition™


Knees Out Coalition is a new brand quickly gaining popularity and exposure encouraging people from all over the world to embrace living a healthy lifestyle and take pride in your exercise by having your knees all the way out!